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Mod Post - Closing the Community

Hi everyone,

I am sorry to say that I will be closing this community. We only had around 3 or 4 regular members who submitted icons and that was just not enough. I also am leaving my home country in a few months and will be very busy trying to manage another culture and language and I do not feel confident that I would have the time to manage this community.

Thanks to all of you who submitted! :) It was great fun while it lasted. <3 If you are interested in more food related challenges I definitely suggest food_stillness.

I have not completed the back-logged banners and for that I am very sorry. ): Please visit cb_overflow if you would like banners.

One day, I may try to restart this community but as of right now I do not see that happening. Thank you to all of you for your participation and support.

Your moderator,
Kiki (goth_batafurai)
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